Springtree Spring

spring_tree1We live in a condominium complex called “Springtree.”  It’s a small complex with a variety of units — some townhouses, some ramblers — and the grounds are just beautiful.  I took a walk this week and took photos so I could share with you some of the spring blossoms and flowers that are out.  




14 thoughts on “Springtree Spring

  1. Shanra

    My goodness, those are me some gorgeous trees, Robin! And the flowers… Isn’t spring just the most gorgeous time of the year?


  2. Robin Post author

    Chris, I think it’s a “weeping cherry tree.” There are two of them together in front of that unit, and I absolutely love them!

    Thanks, Obsessed Reader! I love spring, too … especially after such a long, dark winter.

    Yes, it is, Shanra! These blossoms and flowers don’t last very long, but I just love it here at this time of year.


  3. Les in NE

    Gorgeous!! That weeping cherry is beautiful. I love this time of year. I can’t get enough of the daffodils! Mine have gone crazy. I swear there are three times as many as last year. I know they “naturalize” but this is just weird. I have some posted on my photoblog, if you’re interested. Just click on the camera on my book blog and you’ll wind up in daffodil heaven! 🙂


  4. gentle reader

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful blossoming spring! You’ve inspired me to go out and smell some of the flowers in my neighborhood–and maybe take some pictures to share 🙂


  5. Robin Post author

    Thank you all for your comments about these photos. It is absolutely gorgeous around here when the blossoms and flowers finally come out! It makes up for all those months of darkness and gray!



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