Guest Post from Mom: Miss Julia


The holiday is over. The library is open. How good to have the library so close. Walking stick in hand, my hat, my book bag, I’m off to return a book and pick up another. Enjoying the nice cool air, l thought of the book I was returning. The book I stayed up until midnight to finish, something very rare indeed. Then I started to chuckle remembering all over again the humor in the book I was returning. The tenth book in the Miss Julia series by Ann B. Ross was delightful. Miss Julia always has problems to solve and this was no different. Near the end the problems begin to untangle almost without Miss Julia’s help. But true to the title, MISS JULIA DELIVERS THE GOODS, she does deliver the goods. Again I couldn’t help but chuckle remembering the near midnight hour when I broke out laughing until tears rolled down my cheeks…  Just enjoying the book all over again.

 Now at the library, would the book I was here to pick up be as pleasant?


1 thought on “Guest Post from Mom: Miss Julia

  1. Tamara

    When I was little I recall my mother reading until midnight, I think because it was her only personal time. But I think there’s nothing better than being so distracted by the story that you forget time – except perhaps laughing out loud.



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