Half Magic


I am reading aloud to my second graders the book Half Magic, by Edward Eager, and we’re trying to finish it before the end of the school year (next Friday).  It’s a fun story about some kids that find a coin stuck in the crack of a sidewalk, and they soon discover that this coin grants wishes — sort of.  It actually grants HALF a wish, which causes all the delightful adventures and misadventures they have in the book.  It’s a book from long ago, and I remember loving it when I first read it.  And my second graders are enjoying listening to it, so I think we’ll spend a good part of next week reading so we can finish it before saying goodbye for the summer.

But when I came home from school this afternoon, fixed my cup of tea, and put my feet up, I decided that somehow the “half magic” has rubbed off on me!  I’m half done with my report cards (but making great progress).  I’m half way through writing a post about a book I was actually able to finish despite the intensity of the last few weeks.  I’m half way through another book that could have been read in a couple of days but is taking me two weeks to read because life is just so busy at the moment.

So I’m looking forward to NEXT Friday, the last day of this school year, when I can finally slow down and focus on finishing the other half of everything that’s been on hold.

8 thoughts on “Half Magic

  1. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    Wow, you’re not even out of school? We’re already 2 weeks into an 8-week summer break. It feels like half, already, merely because it’s so, so hot. I feel for my son. I wouldn’t want to be a lifeguard and stand around in our heat.


  2. raidergirl3

    You can make it, you are almost there.
    How fun to end with a great book that everyone wants to hear!
    We’re not done here until June 26th for the kids, 30th for the teachers.


  3. Lois

    Oh my goodness, Robin. I’m retired and it seems I’m always half way there, half way ready, half way finished with too many things. I’m not discouraged really. Surely I’ll finish some of those things. My friends here agree with me, there is no hurry.


  4. Les in NE

    I love your new header!! Sunflowers make me smile, especially those against such a beautiful blue sky. Gorgeous!!

    I remember getting out of school in mid June when I was growing up in California. But then we started the Monday after Labor Day. Here in Nebraska, they start in mid August and get out in early June.

    Enjoy your last week, but more importantly, have a great summer playing catch up. I keep toying with the idea of taking one or two days off from work just so I can catch up on some things that I don’t get to on the weekend.


  5. Petunia

    Half Magic sounds a lot like Five Children and It. I’ve read another book by Edward Eager that involved a toy soldier or indian and characters from various classical literary works which was a lot of fun. I own Half Magic. Maybe I should make it a summer read with the kiddos.


  6. Robin Post author

    Nancy, how nice to have school finished, especially before that kind of heat hits. 8 weeks? Summers are getting shorter and shorter, aren’t they!

    Thanks, Raidergirl. June 26th?? June 30th?? I thought we were pretty much the last ones still in school, but I’ll have to readjust my thinking!

    Mom, somebody special used to say “it’s only time…” or was it “it’s only money…”?? Hmmm.

    Thanks, Kailana. I’m hoping to finish up some of my half-dones pretty soon now.

    Thanks, Les. I’m partial to sunflowers, too. I’d love to see the sunflower fields of France some day!

    Debbie, the language is a bit old fashioned but the kids are really enjoying listening to it. We’re reading like crazy so we can finish it before the school year ends on Friday morning.

    Petunia, I haven’t read Five Children and It, but it sounds like something I’d enjoy. The kids are really enjoying Half Magic. I wasn’t sure they would at first, but I’m happy they are because I’m really enjoying it myself.



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