It’s Coming!

It’s coming!  “It” meaning summer break, and I can see more than just a light at the end of the tunnel now. I can see summer there, too!  2 ½ more days and then I can get back to my reading, my blogging, my friends, my life!

The last month of school is always a huge push to tie up all the loose ends, of which there are many!  It’s coming together though, with science projects finished, novel study finished, report cards completed…  It’s bittersweet saying “goodbye” to the children I’ve come to love this year, but there’s also a sense of pride in how much they’ve grown and learned and how ready they are to move on.

Yes, it’s very nice to have a job “with summers off.”  However, as good as that sounds, and as much as I love my summers, I don’t get paid for those weeks off,  it takes me at least 2 weeks every summer to decompress and recover from the emotional and physical fatigue that goes with the job, and I have to spend a good part of my summer break (and pay quite a bit of money) taking classes for certification renewal.  But, that’s okay.  It’s a job I love, and I can close my classroom on Friday and put year #23 to rest.

10 thoughts on “It’s Coming!

  1. lena

    I’m in the same boat. School finished last week. I’m still winding down and trying to get back to a normal rhythm. Good luck getting into it!


  2. Bellezza

    Boy, can I relate to this post! It IS a bittersweet thing, to say goodbye but also relish they’re growth. You get out awfully late, but hopefully you start later as well. Our last day was June 8, but we have to go back August 15 which I’m really dreading because of the heat. Whatever happened to starting after Labor Day in Illinois?

    I’m so happy for you to get the time you need.


  3. Les in NE

    Hurray!! You’re almost there!! I’ve been toying with the idea of reducing my work hours during the summer so I can enjoy “life” a bit more than I have these past few years. I never seem to have enough time to do all that I enjoy and summer is my favorite season with so much to do and so little time to fit it all in. Thanks for the inspiration.

    BTW, did you take the photo? Where is this? Looks so relaxing!! I need to get my kayak out on the water!!


  4. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Lena. And congratulations to you on your graduation! I hope we can goth get back to our normal rhythm soon.

    Bellezza, we are out late this year after adding on 3 snow days. But our neighboring district, which had a strike at the first of the year PLUS the snow days, is still in school next week. It’s their never-ending school year!

    Thanks, Les! You really should consider that idea instead of just toying with it. I actually did something similar this year — I was able to do a job share so I only taught 4 days a week. That one “free” day of the week was wonderful and very restorative. I’m not doing it again next year, but it was something I’m glad I did for myself. Also, the photo is of me (taken by my husband) about 20 years ago! It was a favorite family camping, fishing, lazing-on-the-lake spot in the high Uintah Mountains of Utah. Beautiful and not many people at that elevation (over 11,000 feet?)!

    Thanks, Gentle Reader. I am so looking forward to some reading time!


  5. Kim

    Oh boy my son is counting the days–because of snow make up days he goes until Tuesday. They might as well be done now for all the work they AREN’T doing!
    May you enjoy your last days as you anticipate the joy of your upcoming break.


  6. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Kailana. I’m glad the nice weather arrived where you are, and I hope you get at least a day or two off to enjoy it!

    Kim, Tuesday!! Yikes! Those snow days really made for the neverending school year, didn’t they. I’m sure your son will be happy to have summer arrive, too. I hope he has a happy summer full of fun and reading.


  7. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Michaelsean! Those were fun family fishing/camping trips. I never caught any fish while out in that little rubber raft, but I loved it and could float on that lake all afternoon. We had 2 rafts — one for us and one for the kids. Happy times.



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