Once Upon a Time 3, wrap-up


Carl V’s Once Upon a Time III, 2009 challenge ends today, so it’s time for my wrap-up post.  I love Carl’s challenges, plain and simple. This is my third time participating in this one, and the first one I joined back in the beginning of my blogging experience. This year I set a goal to read a 7-book series of fairy tale retellings. But after reading and enjoying two of them, there were so many other books calling to me that I gave myself permission to not complete my original goal … Sometimes a goal is just too restrictive, and this was one of those times. Giving myself permission to be more spontaneous with my choices was perfect! I chose some books to read to my school kids, chose others from my massive TBR shelf, found some treasures at the library, and listened to audiobooks. It was pure pleasure!  Thank you again, Carl, for hosting a wonderful reading challenge. Even with Mr. Linky on the blink, it was great. Here’s my list of books completed with links to my reviews:

  1. The Book of Lost Things, by John Connolly
  2. The Raven Steals the Light, by Bill Reid
  3. Zel, by Donna Jo Napoli
  4. Rapunzel’s Revenge, by Shannon and Dean Hale
  5. The Fairy Rebel, by Lynne Reid Banks
  6. The Nightingale, by Kara Dalkey
  7. The Ice Queen, by Alice Hoffman
  8. Jack the Giant-Killer, by Charles de Lint
  9. The One-Eyed Giant, by Mary Pope Osborne
  10. Over Sea, Under Stone, by Susan Cooper
  11. The Dark is Rising, by Susan Cooper
  12. Greenwitch, by Susan Cooper
  13. The Grey King, by Susan Cooper
  14. Silver on the Tree, by Susan Cooper
  15. A Fine and Private Place, by Peter S. Beagle
  16. Half Magic, by Edward Eager

7 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time 3, wrap-up

  1. Rhinoa

    That’s a cool list of books. I read A Fine and Private Place this month too and loved it. I love Zel and The Ice Queen, Alice Hoffman is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I really must read The Book of Lost Things and some more CDL plus The Dark is Rising series. Which was your favourite?


  2. Robin Post author

    Stephanie, this is my favorite challenge because it really sparks my reading. When I compiled my list of books read this year, I couldn’t believe it, although I knew I was enjoying my reading!

    Kailana, I’d forgotten about a wrap-up post until I started seeing them on friend’s blogs. It’s interesting to put it all together in one post at the end.

    Thanks, Rhinoa. I really enjoyed my reading for it this year! Alice Hoffman is fast becoming one of my favorites, too. And I think I liked The Dark is Rising the best of the series, although I liked each one.


  3. Shanra

    Oooh, of course now comes the question why you think you liked The Dark Is Rising the best. ^-~ (I think mine was The Grey King when I first read it, but my favourite title is definitely Silver on the Tree. It’s gorgeous.)

    Slightly more on topic, though, I’m glad to hear you’ve had such a good time with the challenge and read so much!


  4. Bellezza

    Holy Smokes, Robin, you read a lot! The only one we had in common was The Book of Lost Things, but I’m most impressed by your list.


  5. Robin Post author

    Shanra, I love the title “Silver on the Tree,” too! It’s really hard to choose between the different books in the series, but The Dark is Rising was so very well done. I know, the whole series was very well done!

    Bellezza, it was a great challenge this year and I didn’t realize I’d read so much this time. One thing led to another…! It was fun.



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