Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!


There are times when I really miss teaching 6th grade. This week I listened to an audiobook that made me miss 6th grade intensely! The book was the 2008 Newbery Award-winning book Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Stories from a Medieval Village.

Teaching 6th grade is a lot of fun because of the way six graders can think and process things, and because the curriculum of that grade level is terrific. This book would have made a great addition to our Medieval History unit, which was one of the highlights of our 6th grade year.

MSlibraryThe author of the book, Laura Amy Schlitz, who is a school librarian in Baltimore, explained that she wrote this book so her students studying the Middle Ages would have something to perform.  Set on an English manor in 1255, the book is written as a series of short monologues from various villagers, each individual story revealing what life was like during those times. In between the stories, Schlitz gives background information on some of the ideas discussed and that helps the reader better understand Medieval thinking and attitudes.  It’s a very creative book and a fun way to learn about history!

2 thoughts on “Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!

  1. Robin Post author

    Jessica, I think middle school kids would be really interested in it, too. Short and sweet but packed with interesting information.



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