More Dewey Reading…


Another book I just finished for the Dewey’s Books Challenge was Susan Patron’s Newbery Award winning The Higher Power of Lucky.  I’ve been trying to fill in the gaps in my Newbery reading, and this was a major gap.

From the author:

This is the story of ten-year-old Lucky, who has lost her mom and was abandoned by her dad. She lives in Hard Pan, California; population 43, the ward of a beautiful Frenchwoman. Worried that she’ll be sent to a foster home, Lucky eavesdrops on 12-step meetings in an effort to find her higher power.

The author also says:

“I wrote The Higher Power of Lucky for the 10-year-old who lives inside me. That girl was curious about everything and sometimes went to great lengths to get information about the world and how it works.

It’s a poignant little book, but not without controversy. One particular word in this book has caused some criticism and censorship.  In the beginning of the story, Lucky tells a story about a dog who was bitten on the scrotum by a rattlesnake.  You can click here to read the author’s response to the criticism about word choice.

A sequel to this book has just recently been released. It’s called Lucky Breaks, and I’m looking forward to reading it soon and finding out more about this plucky character, Lucky Trimble.

5 thoughts on “More Dewey Reading…

  1. bybee

    I got so tired of hearing about the controversy that I was ready to bit someone’s scrotum!

    You’ve been doing some terrific reading lately.


  2. Robin Post author

    Booklogged, I first learned about this book from a banned book list! Amazing! It’s really quite a gentle little book.

    Kailana, I’m still filling in the gaps in my Newbery reading, but I also need to start reading more of the Printz awards. I’ve really liked the ones I have read.

    Jenclair, there’s a sequel just out, and I understand that it will eventually be a trilogy.

    Thanks, Bybee. Your comment made me laugh out loud. 🙂



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