Celebrating 90


B and I have just returned from a road trip to Utah where my family converged from far and wide to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday. As our sweet 2½ year old Grandboy said when we told him his great-grammy was turning 90: “That’s a big number.” And it was a great celebration, too!

It was not a time for reading, and the road noise was too much for the voice of the narrator of the audiobook we took, so we were disappointed not to be able to listen to Salmon Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children on route.  But it was a wonderful, delightful trip, so I will catch up with reading and blogging soon. And there are stories to tell…

9 thoughts on “Celebrating 90

  1. Shanra

    A very, very late happy birthday to your mum, Robin! (And I agree, she does not look 90 in the least! Cliche, maybe, but definitely true.)

    I’m glad to hear it sounds like everyone had such a great time too!



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