The Snow Goose

painting by Martina Angela Müller

painting by Martina Angela Müller

The Snow Goose, by Paul Gallico, is a beautifully written classic novella. It’s been 25 years since I first read it, and I loved it even more with this reread.  It’s a poignant story about a disabled artist who has withdrawn from the world and is living in an abandoned lighthouse on the coast of Essex. A young girl brings him an injured snow goose she found, and as they care for the healing bird, they become friends.  It is also a story of war and courage, and when Rhayader, the artist, hears that thousands of allied troops are trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk, he heads off in his small boat to help with the evacuation.

Some have criticized this book as being too sentimental. I thought the language was straightforward and very powerful…it is a story that is elegant and timeless in its simplicity, and with an ending that is haunting.


6 thoughts on “The Snow Goose

  1. Shanra

    Oooh, that sounds like a lovely book, Robin! (And ‘snow goose’ just is a very cute word combination.) It sounds like something I’d enjoy quite a bit. ^-^


  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Nan. I remember that you had recently reread it, too. What a beautiful, poignant story.

    Shanra, it’s a very short little book, but a beautiful read. Yes, I’m sure you would like it.

    Thanks, Gavin, it’s one of my favorites, too. So beautifully written…

    Thanks, Amy! I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m off to visit your blog now.


  3. Shanra

    *smiles* I definitely did like it. Just thought I’d stop by and update you on that.

    I found a copy at a local booksale and mum, being a dear, got it for me. I’d never heard of the story before you mentioned it, so I’m very glad you did! I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks! ^-^



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