Mellow Yellow


This post title certainly reveals my age!!  But it’s a gorgeous Autumn afternoon in the Northwest.  A walk and then a ride revealed beauty all around. Rains are coming soon, they say…so we’ll enjoy it while we can!

Mt. Baker and the Puget Sound...

Mt. Baker and the Puget Sound...

8 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow

  1. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Chris! I’d love to have a really nice, wonderful camera to experiment with…maybe Santa will oblige.

    Thanks, Stacybuckeye.

    Kailana, I’d love to see photos from your area. I’m sure it’s gorgeous right now!


  2. Robin

    I love that crunch, too, Readdiscover. My favorite time of year! By the way, WELCOME to this blogging community!! I hope you find it as warm and welcoming as I did when I first started blogging almost 3 years ago.



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