I (heart) Alexander McCall Smith


B and I are really enjoying the DVD version of the HBO mini-series of The #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. We think the casting was terrific, and the cinematography is beautiful — some of the shots of Botswana are quite stunning and worth watching the show just to see those landscapes and colors.  B hasn’t read any of the books, but I love them, reading each one of the series as soon as it’s released. They are so positive and always remind me to focus on the good people and good things in life.

And then, this week in school, I started reading Alexander McCall Smith’sAkimbo” series to my second graders. This fun series is a great introduction for young children to the idea of respecting and preserving the natural wildlife of Africa. We started with Akimbo and the Elephants, which the kids loved, and when we finished the book, they did a very nice handwriting practice page about elephants.  (I love the elephants they drew!)


Alexander McCall Smith writes with great compassion and an equal amount of humor, for both adults and children. It’s always a pleasure to read one of his books, and it’s been fun to watch this mini-series in the evenings after a busy day at work.

I’ve written a number of other posts about Precious Ramotswe and about Akimbo. Click on the links below to read those previous posts.

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2 thoughts on “I (heart) Alexander McCall Smith

  1. Kristen M.

    I watched the first season of the show without having read the books. I don’t think I have both laughed and cried so much during the same show ever. I’m sure I will get to reading these books at some point because I absolutely adore Precious and love learning about Botswana.



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