A Pleasure


What a pleasure to have some time for reading again!  Oh, I’ve got plenty of papers to correct, and my days are long and I’m tired by the time the bell rings. But I’ve reached a point in the school year where the kids are pretty well trained (and doing nicely…what a sweet and bright group of kids this year!) and I’m finally into my school year routine.

So last week, after a particularly long meeting at the district office, I stopped at the bookstore and just wandered around.  I ended up buying two mysteries — a reward for surviving the intensity of school-start.  And it’s been delightful to have a good book waiting for me at home.  I do look forward to coming home, making a cup of tea, and reading for awhile before I start dinner.  It’s such a pleasure!

10 thoughts on “A Pleasure

  1. Robin Post author

    Mary, of course it’s Formosa oolong! How did you know? 🙂 I’m really enjoying the first mystery…it’s The Summer of the Big Bachi, by Naomi Hirahara, and is very good. I’ll be reviewing it very soon. The other mystery was by Margery Allingham. I’ve always wanted to read her stuff, but never have.


  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Kailana!

    Thanks, Amanda. So true! I really need that (short) tea and reading break after school. It helps me decompress!

    Thanks, JoAnn. It’s so nice to have more of a balance to life again.

    Thanks, Bybee! I love that you described me that way 🙂 …I had to chuckle when I read that because I talk with my 2nd graders a lot about “being civilized!” They eat lunch in the room, and we’ve been working on those old-fashioned ideas of civility — in particular, using good manners, cleaning up after oneself, and saying ‘please and thank you’ !


  3. Les in NE

    Beautiful photo! I have a never favorite tea. It’s Good Earth’s Pomegranate Superfruit Tea (green tea, pomegrante & cherry). It’s delicious and doesn’t require any sugar or honey. Perfect on this COLD fall afternoon. 🙂


  4. Kim

    I’m experiencing the same thing today, but doubly so because down here in sunny LA we have our first rainstorm. So, I spent an hour in front of the fire, listening to the rain and reading Middlemarch. A slice of heaven!



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