Blogging Friends


The Seattle Book Fest was this weekend, and I enjoyed this afternoon there looking at books, talking with authors, and meeting up with four book blogging friends.  We were too camera shy to show you our faces, but hopefully our shoes will do!  This get-together was organized by Kristen M (We Be Reading), and it was so nice to meet Kristen and her family, as well as  J.T. Oldfield (Bibliofreak), Lena (Save Ophelia) and Cecelia (Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia)!

14 thoughts on “Blogging Friends

  1. Robin Post author

    Lena, I really enjoyed meeting all of you and I agree that we need to get together again soon!

    It was great to meet you, too, Celia. I enjoyed our talk and would love to meet again.

    Debnance, great idea! 🙂

    Thanks, Tabor! I didn’t really notice them until I looked at the photo.

    Thanks, Kailana. It was fun.

    Mom, I should put a caption on the photo identifying whose shoes they are!

    Thanks, Nancy. It was a creative bunch of bloggers!

    Thanks, Kristen. I was delighted to meet you and your family. I agree that it was a little strange to meet someone you already know so much about, but it also seemed so natural. Today I’m wishing I had asked everyone a hundred more questions! Let’s do another meeting before too long.


  2. J.T. Oldfield

    Since I didn’t take one, I stole your photo. I’m glad it turned out so nicely. And don’t worry about me being sick ::COUGHHACKCOUGH:: I didn’t realize how cold I was until I got home, either.


  3. Kim

    Oh how fun. I have never known about other bloggers close to me. I will have to check these blogs out! Glad you had a such a great time, and I love the picture. 🙂


  4. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Les. It was fun to meet these blogging friends and put faces to names… and shoes to names!

    J.T., I hope you’re feeling better! I’ve been gathering the novellas off my shelf, and am working on my post about your challenge. I’m going to enjoy it!

    Kim, next time you must join us! We talked about searching out more local bloggers, and then meeting in a warmer spot! We’d love to meet you!


  5. tamara

    I like the photo lots – shoes tell so much about a woman. Now you need to hold a competition – who’s behind the shoe? Sounds like a great way to spend some time with your book loving friends.



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