5 thoughts on “Autumn Memories

  1. booklogged

    I recognize that scenery. This last weekend we drove over the mountain from Draper to Alpine – it was so beautiful. We dreamed of building a house on several different locations, knowing they were all dreams, but it was fun.


  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Kim. You’re right…Fall makes me nostalgic.

    Booklogged, That’s such a beautiful drive in the Fall. It’s when I miss “my” mountains the most.

    Thanks, Les. You can see how excited I was to have lost that front tooth. It’s interesting, but I remember that walk well, even though we took many, many walks. For some reason, that one really stands out warmly in my memory.


  3. tamara

    Thanks – your post reminded me of some special trips I had with my dad. I’m blessed enough to still have him – so I will let him know just how special those trips were.



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