Homemade Bread and Pink Soup

I WISH this was a photo of my own loaf of homemade bread! It's not...

I grew up with a breadmaking Mom. Even though she worked fulltime during the week, on Saturday mornings she was up early baking bread — 5 loaves of the heartiest honey wholewheat bread you could imagine. It was an old family recipe that I’m convinced was passed down from our pioneer family members.  So Sunday evening supper as I was growing up almost always consisted of that wonderful hearty bread and homemade cream of tomato soup (affectionately nicknamed “pink soup” by my daughter when she was little).  Hey, Mom!  I wish we were having your bread and pink soup for supper this evening!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I bought a new little breadmaking machine in hopes of getting really good at baking gluten-free bread. Our daughter just recently had to go gluten free, and we are making that transition, too, in solidarity with her.  I tried the one gluten-free recipe that came with the bread machine and had mixed results. So wanting to try other recipes and have more options, I ordered the book, The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread, by Bette Hagman. It arrived, and I’ve been studying it intensely for the last few days. Tonight I’m trying another recipe and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually turn into bread … and be tasty.  I am determined, however long it takes, to live up to the breadmaking tradition of my family and learn to make a really good loaf of gluten-free bread.

Note: There’s a lot to learn as a person goes gluten free, and a lot to learn about baking bread, but I’m not alone in my attempt to learn these skills!  There’s all kinds of help out there!  There are terrific books, like all of those by Bette Hagman.  My friend, Les, at Lesley’s Book Nook sent me the link to the Gluten Free Girl & the Chef blog, which had the great stuffing recipe I used for our GF Thanksgiving dinner. That blog is a great resource, as is the Karina’s Kitchen blog.  I have also become a member and am taking classes at PCC Natural Markets, which is the largest consumer-owned natural food co-operative in the United States, with nine stores located right here in the Puget Sound area.  They offer gluten-free cooking classes (which helped my daughter and me get started on all of this), and also sell all kinds of GF products.  So with all that help and support, it’s just a matter of time (and lots of practice) before we can settle back into that Sunday evening tradition of homemade bread and [GF] pink soup!

6 thoughts on “Homemade Bread and Pink Soup

  1. Lois

    What a nice reminder of our home made bread and “pink soup. I’m reminded, too, of another favorite, especially at Christmas time. Pinwheel cookies. I loved making them and we all enjoyed eating them. I wonder if that recipe exists here in my apartment. I should make a search.


  2. Kristen M.

    I will ask you again in about six months what you think of your bread machine. I want one but don’t really trust online reviews! Some of those people seem like real dummies!

    I don’t think my mom even once made bread so you are quite lucky! What a cozy memory to have.


  3. Les in NE

    Looks like you kind the same brand bread machine that Nan has. I may have to break down and buy one for myself. That bread looks fabulous!

    I’m so glad you’ve found Gluten-Free Girl’s blog helpful. I wonder when she’ll publish a cookbook?


  4. Robin Post author

    Mom, just thinking about your pinwheel cookies makes my mouth water! Those were the best!

    Kristen, I’ll let you know how it goes in the next few months. I love the ease of the machine, but the key is finding exactly the right recipe for the taste we want. I’ve been doing pretty well with the texture, but am still trying different flour combinations and searching for the best tasting [alternative to wheat] recipe.

    Thanks, Stacybuckeye. I’m trying my loaves out on my gluten-eating husband and son-in-law. I’m waiting for them to say “that’s really good,” instead of “well, it’s edible,” or “it’s okay.”

    Les, Nan and I have the same brand of bread machine, (Zojirushi) but I have the “mini” size. It makes a 1-pound loaf, which is cute. I’ve already regretted not getting the one that makes 2-pound loaves because there are more GF recipes instantly available for that one, but we have such a TINY kitchen, and I love the size of our machine. Also, Gluten Free Girl has a book out, but I think it’s a memoir rather than a cookbook, although it has recipes in it. I’m going to order it for my daughter. I hope she and the chef publish a cookbook soon!


  5. Les in NE

    Yep, I’ve handsold that book to several customers looking for a good book about living gluten-free. It is a bit of a memoir, as you mentioned. She and Chef have a wonderful love story that I read all about in her archives several years ago. Did you know they used to live in Seattle? I know they moved a while back, but I can’t recall to which island.



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