A lucky find at the library last week was Moon-Flash, by Patricia A. McKillip, one of my favorite authors. This book was an early experiment with the science fiction genre by this award-winning fantasy author, and it was written in the same beautiful language I have come to love in all her novels. Written for young adults, this story does what I enjoy so much about science fiction–it makes you look at life and our world from a different angle, so it was a perfect choice for Carl V’s January/February Sci Fi Experience 2010.

From a very nice review by Camille Alexa, at the Green Man Review web site:

The storyline of Moon-Flash is deceptively simple: a young girl named Kyreol, on the eve of her marriage, sets out with her childhood boyfriend (also betrothed — to somebody else) to traverse the great river of their world beyond the boundaries of what for them is the known universe. Ostensibly, she is in search of her mother, who disappeared years earlier. But as the journey progresses, it becomes clear that what really drives Kyreol ever further — just over the next waterfall, just beyond the next forest, just to the realm of the great beasts who live in the river — is the eternal quest to discover for discovery’s sake, to experience the not-yet-experienced purely for the joy and exhilaration of doing so. It is this which makes Moon-Flash a satisfying read for the eternally curious of any age.

Moon-Flash is actually the first of two books telling the story of Kyreol and Terje.  The second volume is called The Moon and the Face, and luckily that volume is also available through my library, so I have another enjoyable read ahead for this week.

4 thoughts on “Moon-Flash

  1. jenclair

    I love McKillip’s use of language, too. Moon-Flash sounds like an interesting combination of fantasy and science fiction, and I’ll keep an eye out for it at the library!


  2. Robin Post author

    Jenclair, it’s an early McKillip, but fun to read. I’ve almost finished the sequel and will add that review soon.

    Thanks, Camille Alexa!

    Celia, I’m slowly reading all of her works, and enjoying each one!



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