A Family Read

Here is a book for the whole family to share on this day of celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.:  As Good as Anybody: Martin Luther King and Abraham Joshua Heschel’s Amazing March Toward Freedom.  Beautifully written by Richard Michelson, with lovely illustrations by Raul Colón, this book won the Sydney Taylor Book Award in the younger readers category in 2009.

from the publisher:

MARTIN LUTHER KING, Jr. and Abraham Joshua Heschel. Their names stand for the quest for justice and equality.

Martin grew up in a loving family in the American South, at a time when this country was plagued by racial discrimination. He aimed to put a stop to it. He became a minister like his daddy, and he preached and marched for his cause.

Abraham grew up in a loving family many years earlier, in a Europe that did not welcome Jews. He found a new home in America, where he became a respected rabbi like his father, carrying a message of peace and acceptance.

Here is the story of two icons for social justice, how they formed a remarkable friendship and turned their personal experiences of discrimination into a message of love and equality for all.

Click here to listen to a podcast of the author and illustrator presenting and discussing their book at the Association of Jewish Libraries convention in July of last year.

6 thoughts on “A Family Read

  1. Nan

    I agree with what Lisa said. I would even say that many series for young people, for example, the Enola Holmes mysteries, are as good as anything written for adults. And the late Ted Kennedy’s marvelous picture book taught me more about how a bill is passed than any class I ever took in school. Thanks for this, Robin. It looks just great.


  2. Robin Post author

    Yes, he was! Thanks, Grandma Scott!

    Lisa, I so agree with you! And that’s one major reason I enjoy reading books for young people so much.

    Gentle Reader, it’s a very nice book, and it was nice to expand my knowledge of Dr. King and learn more about another great leader — Abraham Joshua Heschel!

    Nan, I haven’t read the Enola Holmes series, nor Ted Kennedy’s picture book. They sound like Must-Reads!

    Kailana, the artwork is very nice, and, yes, it’s a very interesting little book. Worth reading!



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