Frogging a Book

photo by Tina Hilton

There have been many times as a knitter that I finally decided to “frog” a project that just wasn’t working out for me.  For whatever reason, the time wasn’t right for the project, so I unraveled it and wound up the yarn for later.  I did that this week with a book…frogged it. Nothing new to us as readers, but I’d never used the word to describe what I do when I simply stop reading a book because it’s not the right one for now.  I was disappointed, because I wanted to like Connie Willis‘s novella, Remake. But I frogged it, and maybe will pick it up again later on and give it another chance.

5 thoughts on “Frogging a Book

  1. Robin Post author

    Kristen, I’ve read a number of her other books and novellas, and really liked them. Doomsday Book is great, as is Passage. I couldn’t put either of them down, so I’d recommend starting with one of those.


  2. Lois

    I have a hard time frogging a book even though my better judgement calls for it. But I’m improving. Years ago I frogged a large sweater that was almost finished. When so much went wrong I gave up. As it stayed there in my knitting basket, I knew unless I unravel it that would be the end of my knitting. It worked. No regrets.


  3. Robin Post author

    Kristen, I’m looking forward to reading Blackout soon. I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for Remake and will try it again later on.

    It’s unusual for me to frog a book, Mom, but I’m not really shy about frogging a knitting project. When it’s not right, it’s not right, and out it comes. And like you say, no regrets!



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