Coffee and the Morning Paper

Life is changing. It’s been a number of years since we gave up our newspaper subscription because we just weren’t finding the time in our busy work weeks to sit down and spend time reading the morning news. However, for the last two weeks, I’ve been enjoying a trial subscription to the Kindle edition of The Seattle Times, and it’s been a very interesting experience. There are no photographs, no crossword puzzle, no “funnies,” so the focus is entirely on the writing and reporting. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy reading well-written news.  I was trained as a journalist — always worked on the school newspaper, that sort of thing — so I do appreciate good writing. And with my new Kindle, I can try out different newspapers from around the world, carry them all with me in my bag, and rediscover the pleasure of good journalism.

10 thoughts on “Coffee and the Morning Paper

  1. Kay

    Robin, I haven’t tried any newspaper or magazine subscriptions on my Kindle. We let our newspaper subscription go quite some time ago too. I just wasn’t reading it. Sounds like you are enjoying your new Kindle!


  2. lena

    That sounds perfect because I hate the unwieldy nature of large newspapers with all of these distractions for my eyes.

    I’m glad to hear you’re loving the Kindle (:


  3. Robin Post author

    Hi Kay, yes, I’m enjoying my Kindle very much. It’s so easy on the eyes…

    Lena, it really is nice to focus on the writing…although I’ll admit to missing the crossword puzzle!

    Les, for me it’s the comics and the crossword puzzle! 🙂


  4. nomadreader

    I read the New York Times on my Kindle, and I love it. I love reading the entire story in one place (and not having the front page stories continue onto multiple pages). I love not dealing with ads, but I am glad the Times has photos. They’re black and white, and all of the print photos are not included, but most stories have a graphic or photo I can zoom in on if I want to.

    The biggest surprise for me has been how much time I spend reading the paper on my Kindle. I may be reading fewer books this year, but I’m so well informed!


  5. Paula

    It’s nice to have time for those little things of everyday life. Time to enjoy them, better. That’s what life is really made of, actually.

    With kind regards,


  6. Robin Post author

    Nomadreader, I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your Kindle as much as I’m enjoying mine! I’m spending more time with the newspaper now, too, and enjoying it more than I ever did.

    Stacy, it’s been really nice to get back to the newspaper after so long without it.

    Paula, I so agree with you! Thanks for visiting my blog!



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