What Children Need to Learn to Read

Being the grandma of a 3-year old, I’m always looking for books to send to our beloved Grandboy and books for his parents.  A few weeks ago, I met a woman who collaborated on writing a book with one of the teachers in my school district. The book is called, What Children Need to Learn to Read. Author Michelle Vallene, with the assistance of Suzie Connor, wrote it as a ” Parent’s Guide to Ensuring Literacy, a Love of Reading, and School Readiness.” We talked for quite awhile about children and reading and teaching, and before she left, she offered to give me a copy of the newly published book so I could send it to our family.  I’m so excited to see how they like it because it is full of activities that lead children right into literacy — all kinds of songs, rhymes, poetry, games, and other great language boosters.

From the “Author’s Message” in the beginning of the book:

I believe that in the clinical debate over the proper way to teach reading, we can lose sight of the real goals of helping children to be successful readers, and of fostering an enjoyment of reading that will last throughout their lifetimes. There is no one correct way to reach these goals. What it takes is a little knowledge and some unforgettable precious time spent with your child.

My husband and I spent many of those “unforgettable precious times” reading to our two children as they were growing up, and I would have appreciated having this book as a guide and source of fun ideas during those early formative years of our children’s lives.  This book would make a lovely gift for new parents, or parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers, or parents of children in the early grades.

Be sure to visit the author’s web site, Learners Lane, where you can read more about this book and to find more resources and ideas.

4 thoughts on “What Children Need to Learn to Read

  1. commonweeder

    I’m a granny, and retired librarian, We have Reading Aloud at home, often for a group of grownups who still enjoy being read to. I also want to recommend Esmi Raji Codell who has written several books that grew out of her teaching experience including How to get Your Child to Love Reading. She also has a website PlanetEsme, and a blog. She is a treat!


  2. Michelle Breum

    I watched Michelle’s youtube video. Great advice for parents! My blog has advice for parents to get their children an early and strong start in reading also. I plan to recommend this book on my blog!


  3. bybee

    I decided early on that when the boy brought me a book, I would be enthusiastic and drop everything and read. My one regret is that we didn’t start chapter books sooner…it never occurred to me until I was in graduate school (by then boy was a young teen) and one of my profs said that he and his wife read the Little House books to their 4 yr old daughter and they really got a great look at how well a pre-literate memory works.

    I like the picture.


  4. Robin Post author

    Thanks for the recommendation, Commonweeder. Also, I love your Read Aloud group at home…we’re never too old to have someone read aloud to us!!!

    Michelle, thanks for letting me know about your blog. It looks like another wonderful resource for young parents. I will definitely send the link to my son and daughter-in-law, too.

    Thanks, Bybee. Those shared reading times were absolutely precious to us. We read lots of chapter books to our son, but life got busier and busier and we didn’t read as many to our daughter. Even so, the time we spent reading together was a very precious time.



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