The Empty House

The novels of Rosamunde Pilcher are some of my favorite reading, so imagine my delight when I discovered that there a few more of her books that I had somehow missed!  The Empty House was set in Cornwall, which is the home of my imagination, so of course I loved it.

From the publisher:

At twenty-seven, Virginia Keile had been through the most intense experiences life had to offer–a magical first love ending in heartbreak, a suitable marriage, motherhood, and widowhood. All she wanted now was to take her daughter and son to a seaside cottage and help them recover. But Virginia’s true love was there, waiting, hoping, praying that this time she would be strong enough to seize happiness.

The story was kind and gentle, as are all of her books, and was a great comfort read…happy Saturday reading.

4 thoughts on “The Empty House

  1. Les in NE

    You should see the look on my face! I saw the pretty cover art for this book and saw Rosamunde’s name and immediately let out a loud whoop! For a brief moment, I thought there was a new publication by one of my absolute favorite authors. But then I discovered it was published in 1973. I’ve never read it, but all of a sudden it dawned on me that I may have a copy somewhere — maybe even one Nan might have sent me. I checked my shelves and there it was! So this will be my next read once I finish Skeletons at the Feast. I have review books to read, but I will let those sit while I revisit Rosamunde’s world in Cornwall. Thanks for the gentle nudge, Robin. I’ll be back to let you know what I think of The Empty House.


  2. Kim

    OH my goodness!!! Thank you for this. Pilcher is my all time favorite author and I though I had read everything by her–but this one does not look or sound familiar. I am for sure finding myself a copy.
    Oh Happy Day….


  3. Robin Post author

    Les and Kim, I discovered that there are a number of her books I haven’t read yet. I don’t know how that happened because I thought I’d read everything there was by her, so I’m thrilled. Oh Happy Day, indeed! 🙂



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