A Library with a Great Big Heart

photo by Pasi Aalto

Knowing how much I love libraries, this morning my architect husband showed me an article from an online architecture journal he receives every day, ArchDaily. The article was about an amazing and beautiful library designed for the Safe Haven Orphanage in Thailand. It’s a must-see for all of us who love books and libraries, and children.

The project was designed by a group of architecture students in Norway, affiliated with the non-profit humanitarian architectural firm, TYIN tegnestue, a firm that specializes in building projects that improve the lives of people in difficult circumstances. It was built over a two-week period of time in January, 2009.

The beautiful photos are by Pasi Aalto, who was one of the student architects on the project. He kindly gave me permission to show some of them in this post, but be sure to visit his own web site to see more photos of the project.  Also, click on the link below to see the architectural journal article about it. And then, just for fun, click on the YouTube link to see a time-lapse film of the project being built. It’s quite an amazing structure, a wonderful humanitarian project, and a beautiful little library with a great big heart.




photo by Pasi Aalto

Bibliotek, Safe Haven Orphanage, Ban Tha Song Yang, Thailand, photo by Pasi Aalto

6 thoughts on “A Library with a Great Big Heart

  1. Kay Guest

    Thank you for these links to this library! I was too busy reading and looking at the photographs to comment. What wonderful work can be done by a small group of dedicated and talented people! Thanks again.


  2. tamara

    How simple it is to bring a little joy and wonder to the lives of children. This library is just perfect for little readers in such a community. Thanks for sharing this story because I can see an opportunity for the school I support in India. Beautiful.


  3. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Mom!

    I agree, Kay Guest. So much good can be accomplished by a small group of dedicated and talented people!

    Thanks, Stephanie.

    Thanks, J.T. The whole project touched my heart.

    Thanks, Tamara. It is wonderful to see what can be done to bring “a little joy and wonder to the lives of children.”



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