My Kind of Vending Machine!

photo by R. MacDonald

A friend of mine snapped this photo the other day at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. Books and audiobooks…this is my kind of a vending machine!

11 thoughts on “My Kind of Vending Machine!

  1. Robin Post author

    Kay, I’d never seen anything like this either! And I think there were some snacks down toward the bottom. I’m going to have to visit the Market and find this vending machine on my own. (photo was by my friend).

    Kristen, me either! I hope they start showing up all over the place! Wouldn’t it be great to have these vending machines in our high schools instead of pop machines?!

    Val, I agree!

    Thanks, Miss Remmers!

    Chris, me too!

    Tara, me too!

    Nancy, I agree!

    Bybee, I wish there were these vending machines in all our public places here!



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