Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn, by Daphne du Maurier, is a rip-roaring adventure story/gothic romance, and as I listened to the audiobook version of it (narrated by Barbara Rosenblatt), my knitting got faster and faster.  This is my third Du Maurier.  As a teenager, I loved her book, Rebecca.  A few years ago, I enjoyed listening the The House of the Strand.  So I couldn’t resist the call of Jamaica Inn when searching through books on tape at the library.

You become completely engrossed with Du Maurier’s stories and characters, and in this book that character is a young, strong-spirited woman who comes to Jamaica Inn to live with her aunt after her mother dies. Right from the very beginning Mary Yellen knows that things weren’t right at Jamaica Inn.  The townspeople won’t go near it.  Her aunt is clearly beaten down and frightened of every little thing, and when Mary Yellen meets her loud, abusive uncle, and his horse thief brother, her life will never be the same.

The coast of Cornwall is, as always, another major character in Du Maurier’s books, and I loved her vivid descriptions of the moors and the rugged coastline.  I’ve ordered another Du Maurier, Frenchman’s Creek, from the library, so I won’t have to leave that Cornwall for awhile yet.

10 thoughts on “Jamaica Inn

  1. iliana

    Last year I read My Cousin Rachel, which I really loved, but it just surprised me that aside from Rebecca I didn’t really know about her other books. I really want to read more by her. Glad to hear you really enjoyed Jamaica Inn.


  2. Val

    Oooooh Snap :0)

    (it’s a reread/listen..lol but I find her work is really rereadable ..if there is such a word?)

    Jamaica Inn is a goody isn’t it and Frenchman’s Creek to come..that’s excellent


  3. Robin Post author

    Iliana, I’m really enjoying reading her other works. Rebecca was all I had heard about for a long time, too. Now, I realize there’s quite a collection to read and enjoy.

    Chris, your challenge is perfectly timed for me!!! I’m going to enjoy reading some of her other books for it.

    Bybee, it was fun. A real adventure and a good book to listen to as an audiobook.

    Val, I agree–her work is fun entertainment–well written and very “rereadable.” (great word!)

    Kailana, yes you do! You’d enjoy them. She’s such a good writer, and her stories are huge entertainments.

    Priya, I haven’t read anything about her life. Thanks for mentioning Daphne. I’ll have to look for it.


  4. Bellezza

    I know I loved this book, but Rebecca more, and what really makes me swoon right now is that picture of Daphne! I’ll take her haircut in a heartbeat! 😉


  5. Les in NE

    Have you read Don’t Look Now (a collection of short stories by Du Maurier)? I read it a little over three years ago and thought it was fantastic! You can find my review here, if you’re interested.



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