Knit On It…

“Knit on it?” Kelly repeated with a smile. “What do you mean?” “Well, whenever I need to think things over, I sit down and knit quietly for a while. It calms my mind, so my thoughts become more ordered or something.”

School’s out!  My classroom is closed up for the summer, my desperately needed summer break has finally arrived, and my summer reading has begun!

So as soon as I finished in my classroom, of course I headed for the bookstore right away. But a side-trip to my favorite yarn shop yielded not only a new summer knitting project (a baby blanket for a friend who is in the middle of the adoption process), but also a fun summer read:  Knit One, Kill Two, by Maggie Sefton.  What a fun store–gorgeous yarns AND fun knitting mysteries!

It was the perfect way for this tired teacher to spend the first weekend of summer break. Now…if only our Pacific Northwest weather (setting new records for a gray, cool, rainy June) would cooperate and let the sun shine so it can feel like summer!

8 thoughts on “Knit On It…

  1. Kay

    Robin, I reviewed Book #8 in this series, SKEIN OF THE CRIME, on my blog several days ago and have a giveaway going for my copy. Stop by and enter because it ends this evening.

    I love this series and think it’s a lot of fun. And I don’t even knit!


  2. Shelley

    My writing is about our mothers’ generation surviving hard times, and my mother is the best knitter I know of! Sadly, I did not inherit any of that talent. But I’m definitely looking into that book for her, thanks.


  3. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Study Window! Yes, the combination of knitting and mysteries is irresistible!

    Thanks, Mom!

    Tabor, these knitting mysteries are lightweight and fun. I particularly loved her descriptions of the yarns and the knitting store!

    Kay, I’m definitely going to read all the others in this series. I enjoyed it very much, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed them.

    Mystica, me too! Her titles are fun and very clever.

    Shelley, I took a quick peek at your blog and will definitely spend some time there reading your poetry! If your mother loves knitting, she’s very likely to enjoy this book because her descriptions of the yarns, the yarnshop, and the projects were quite lovely. I found myself wanting to knit and read at the same time!



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