Guest Post from Mom: A Special Read

There is such an empty feeling when I’ve finished a book and am at a loss to know what to pick up next. That’s especially true if the book has been long- suffering and/or violent. Driving home from an errand, I realized the little book sitting on the seat beside me may be the very novel to read next. And it turns out I was so right.

Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper, by Harriet Scott Chessman, is a little book Robin gave me several years ago. I’ve had it with me in the car to enjoy when I  have a few minutes to wait. Oh, such a contrast from the long mystery I had just finished!

A gentle read… Tender moments between the Cassatt sisters, Mary, the painter, and Lydia, her model. Lovely paintings to enjoy along with the story. Susan Vreeland, author of The Girl in Hyacinth Blue, says it beautifully: ”Laying down each sentence with exquisite delicacy, Harriet Chessman makes palpable the fragility and futility of desire in the face of monster mortality. For me it achieves the sublime.

I picked up the mystery and took it from the room. In it’s place is Lydia Cassat Reading the Morning Newspaper, a novel to enjoy any number of times. A delightful read!


6 thoughts on “Guest Post from Mom: A Special Read

  1. Audrey

    This looks like a beautiful story – thanks for sharing :}. I just finished an amazing memoir called, “Voices of the Heart,” by Linda Lambert Pestana. The author’s story is very moving and the message is wonderful – believe in oneself…stop measuring oneself, so as to live in the now moment.



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