It must be my age, my time of life, but this is a time of reconnections. It used to be that when you lost contact with someone, there was very little you could do to find them again. Now, in the age of the internet, reconnecting is literally big business. But the actual happenstance of reconnecting with someone you cared about long ago is powerfully emotional, and it puts you back in touch with yourself — that person you used to be, and still are, but with changes. That’s an amazing process!

In the last few years, I have reconnected with some very important people from my life long ago. Last January, I wrote a post about some friends I hadn’t seen for 38 years, and what a joy it was to meet them again. I’ve mentioned my exchange student “sister” from Argentina, whom I’d lost contact with and haven’t seen since 1968!  She found me a few years ago via the internet, and it’s been delightful having her back in my life. And I’ve been searching for another Argentine friend for many years, and through the miracle of internet connections, I was able to find her two weeks ago, living here in the U.S., and we are becoming reacquainted by phone for now…and how interesting that the voice and the sense of humor is still the same after all these years!

My return to the book blogging world after taking a 4-month break is another interesting reconnection for me, and I’m touched by the warm welcome-back messages I’ve received from blogging friends.  This recent detour in my reading journey is due mostly to new duties at work which consume so much of my reading/writing time and energy.  So I am trying to reconnect with my reading self, to make more time to get back to my books. And in terms of writing and blogging about books, I am not yet sure which new road this detour has put me on, or where I’m headed. But that’s okay, because for me, my reading journey has always been an adventure.

5 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. Nan

    Oh, my gosh, that could be me in the picture. Same hairstyle, same glasses. Do you ever see girls in button-down collars anymore? :<) I even used to stand like that. (I probably still do).

    I'm so glad you are back. I'm interested in whatever you want to say!


  2. stacybuckeye

    I love that the internet has made reconnecting so much easier. Facebook has been a great tool for that. Helped me find over half my class for our 20 year reunion last month.



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