Finding my Voice Again

How does one return to blogging after a silence of 18 months? I don’t know how it’s done, but I’d like to try because I miss reading, I miss writing about my reading, and I miss my blogging friends.

The last two years have been very difficult ones for my family, and our emotional struggles really impacted my reading and completely silenced my blog. All my energies went into dealing with our emotional turmoil, and finishing a book required a focus that just wasn’t there. But things are better, and I am slowly getting back to my books, have been shyly reaching out to blogging friends, and have also begun to think about and write posts…I’m trying to find my voice again after all this time.

We don’t fully understand how our blogs affect other people, but I want to tell you that continuing to read your blogs throughout this period of silence has been very important to me and very healing. So I thank you, dear friends, for your love of books and writing, and for the wonderful way you share that passion with the world. The book blogging community has always been very warm and welcoming, and I’ve missed it terribly.

I started this blog “shyly” in 2007, and now I quietly return to this ongoing record of my reading self. Thanks for stopping by, despite the long silence.

14 thoughts on “Finding my Voice Again

  1. dreamworldofabookaholic

    Glad you’re back! 😀 I think sometimes we just have to take breaks, no matter how long (been there fairly recently myself). Enjoy your books!


  2. Sandy

    I’ve missed you, Robin. I’m sorry that you’ve been going through such a difficult time. And I’m glad that things are getting better.

    It’s so wonderful to have you back. I gave a cheer when I saw a new post from you in my reader. 🙂


  3. Kailana

    Yay, Robin! I am so glad you are back. As you know, you were missed, so I was delighted to see an email from you a little while ago. I am so excited you came back. 🙂


  4. Robin Post author

    Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome-back wishes!

    Dreamworld…I am enjoying my reading very much–although I’m not reading as much as I was before, I am savoring every word.

    Thanks, Sandy, for your cheer!

    Thanks, Kelly, your emails were so appreciated. I’m glad to be back.

    Thanks, Kristen. I’ve been following what you and Z have been reading and have enjoyed the glimpse into the life of an 8-year-old reader! (Enjoyable especially because I’m still working with 7 and 8 year olds). You blog is delightful.

    Thanks, Chris. And a big giant hug back!


  5. Bellezza

    Robin, I was just thrilled to see you comment on my Secret Garden post because it meant you’re back! Hooray! I’ve missed you so much. Off to add you back to my sidebar. xoxoxo


  6. Robin Post author

    Thanks so much, Meredith. I’m in the process of choosing a book for your Japanese Literature Challenge 6 (I can’t believe it’s #6 already…where does the time go!?). It will be my gentle way back to challenges reading.


  7. Kay

    Robin, I’m so excited to see that you are back!!!! I’ve missed you. So sorry that things have been rough. Life is just so hard at times isn’t it? Many, many hugs going your way. I’m on a bit of a blogging break right now, but I’ll be back after a few weeks. I’m also out of town and will check back in with you in a week or so. Welcome back, friend. 🙂


  8. santurini

    Dear Robin,
    I only just realised that you are writing again! It’s so good to have you back talking about books and literature. I missed you very much!


  9. Robin Post author

    Dear Kay, thank you so much for the welcome back hugs! I’m so glad to be back!

    And thank you, too, Santurini, for your warm welcome back! I’m so glad to be back to my reading, and to talking about books with all my blogging friends!



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