Whitefoot: A Story from the Center of the World

Wendell Berry is one of my favorite authors. I read this lovely little book of his, Whitefoot: A Story From the Center of the World, which was beautifully illustrated by Davis Te Selle, and can’t wait to read it aloud to my second graders. I’m sure they will enjoy it as much as I did. It’s a simple story, beautifully told and illustrated, about a little mouse who is swept away from home during a spring flood. A lovely read.

5 thoughts on “Whitefoot: A Story from the Center of the World

  1. Nan

    I own Jayber Crow but I have a feeling there might be a book that I should read before it? I’ve read some poetry and I know about his nonfiction and fiction but haven’t read anything. I’d love advice on where to begin. (Oh, this is so much fun talking to you again!)


  2. Robin Post author

    Tabor, I also love Wendell Berry’s poetry!

    Kelly, I do recommend his Port William books. I think he writes beautifully, and his stories really touch my heart.

    Nan, my plan was to read his Port William series in order, but I’ve managed to mix them up. It doesn’t matter, though, because you get to know and understand the characters (the members of that community) from different angles and time periods anyway. I loved both Nathan Coulter and Andy Catlett. I’m sure you’d like his books because he’s a farmer poet (wonderful combination). I first heard about him from something Barbara Kingsolver had written about him.


  3. Nan

    I just went searching and found that Nathan Coulter is the first, so I’ve ordered it from B&N. Thanks. I’ve heard Faulkner’s name mentioned in the same sentence as WB so that’s high praise for these F. fans!



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