6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Blue Trees

  1. Robin Post author

    Kelly, they’re really strange, aren’t they? My husband took the photo when he came upon them last month along the bike trail. They’re part of a “socially driven” art project to bring attention to the issues of deforestation. You can read more about it at this link:


  2. Robin Post author

    Les and Nan, the responses locally have been very mixed. The blue is striking when you first see the trees, and my husband actually stopped to take a photo on his bike commute home that day. He wasn’t sure he liked the idea at all, and he says they look very strange now with the leaves out. Nan, the paint is evidently a water-based, non-toxic type (there have been serious questions about whether the trees will be hurt by this art), but it’s rained a lot since they were put in and they’re still blue, so it doesn’t wash off. You definitely can’t go past them without a strong response, one way or another.



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