7 thoughts on “Listening to: Wildwood

  1. Robin Post author

    Kelly, I’ve heard other mixed reviews of it, and I’m still early in the listening, so we’ll see whether I like it overall or not.


  2. Bellezza

    One of my students, now a fifth grader, chose this to be added to the school’s library when it was his birthday and he was offered a book pick. That, combined with your and Nan’s opinion, makes this rather a must-read, for me.


  3. Robin Post author

    Nan, I’m glad you’re enjoying it, too. I’m still listening (13 cds!) and still enjoying it, and looking forward to the sequel coming out in September.

    Meredith, I’m not surprised that your former student chose it for his gift to the school library. I would think the middle school kids would be totally captured by it. It doesn’t let you down at any step of the way!

    Les, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I am enjoying it! The narrator is Amanda Plummer, and I am quite taken by her voice and her reading — very unusual but quite well-suited for the story. But one of the things I’m enjoying most about the book is the word choice. I read a criticism somewhere online that Colin Meloy used words that were too hard, too obscure. I find it full of wonderful words, wisely chosen! He doesn’t dumb anything down for his young readers.



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