The Morville Year, Project Completed


I love the feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed. This morning I finished reading The Morville Year, by Dr. Katharine Swift. It was a lovely read and a real education for me as I look forward to my return to gardening at our new home in Oregon before too long.

littleflowerThe project?  As I read the book, I kept track of all the flowers, books, places, and people she talked about in this story of a year in her wonderful garden at Dower House, Morville Hall, Shropshire.  And then I created a Pinterest board where I collected photographs of each thing on my list. The result is a visual book review, which I really enjoyed creating! If you are already a member of Pinterest, please visit my board and enjoy the photographs that I chose to honor this book. [Please forgive any mistakes I made in my photo selecting.] I don’t know if you can visit the board without being a member, but here is the link, just in case. It was a labor of love for me … homage paid to a lovely book.

4 thoughts on “The Morville Year, Project Completed

  1. Les in NE

    Wow! What an amazing Pinterest board! I was going to start commenting, but you have so many pins, I decided to just comment here with a big “Well Done!!” Gorgeous photos and such a creative idea to review the book. I have Pulmonaria longifolia growing in a couple of areas in my garden and it’s done very well.

    I’ll spend more time looking at your pins later this week. Thanks for sharing such a lovely “review,” Robin!


  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Tabor and Les. I really enjoy Pinterest…it’s so full of ideas and it’s so visual. And the idea of “pinboards” appeals to the teacher in me. 🙂 With The Morville Year, I started out just looking for photos for myself of all the flowers she was talking about. I read it on my Kindle, so I didn’t have access to any of the photos that were in the book version. It became an education in gardening for me, and the pinboard became a nice way to honor the book. I’m glad you liked the project.


  3. Nan

    I didn’t comment when I first read this, but I went right to your P page and was SO impressed. I just love it. I just today signed up for P myself, though it will be a while before I do much with it, I think.



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