Other Pastimes

Today’s topic for The Estella Society’s bookish photo-a-day challenge is “Other Pastimes.”  My husband and I both love to read, but we also love to watch old movies and TV series. At the moment, we have just finished watching the British detective series, “Vera,” based on the books of Ann Cleeves [watch a short interview with Ann Cleeves here.]  And we are currently enjoying our own “film festival” of all the old (and newer) Sir Alec Guinness movies and series. What a wonderful pleasure!


#EstellaGram – 14 “Other Pastimes”

2 thoughts on “Other Pastimes

  1. Nan

    I really enjoyed Vera. Dark and brooding but honestly I’d watch Brenda Blethyn in anything. And the locale is great. I haven’t read the books.


  2. Robin Post author

    Nan, we feel the same way about Brenda Blethyn. She’s terrific in Vera. I haven’t read any of Ann Cleeves’ books yet, but would like to try one of her series soon.



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