Today’s topic for The Estella Society’s bookish photo-a-day challenge is “Library.” My “new” library is within walking distance of our new home in Oregon. It reminds me a lot of the little library I spent so much time in when I was little…a small library with a wonderful collection and a big heart!


#EstellaGram – 22 “Library”

4 thoughts on “Library

  1. LesNE

    We have a library within walking distance, too, but I prefer two others in our town (we have several!) which are a few miles away. The one nearby smells like mildew and isn’t very large.


  2. Nan

    Aren’t you lucky to have a library so close. It will feel like a being a kid again to walk home with an armful of books. You’ll have to take a picture! So excited for you to be in your new home.


  3. Robin Post author

    Les, there are some other very nice libraries in the area, too, and I’m sure I’ll frequent each one…but I think I will spend most of my time at this sweet little one down the street.

    Nan, exactly! I will feel like a kid again walking home with an armful of books. I was most delighted to find all of Barbara Pym’s books on the shelf, and all of the Mrs. Read books there. So much to read…need to stop working, move in, and start those walks to the library! So much to look forward to!



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