Once Upon a Time, VII


Seven years ago, when this blog was brand new, Carl V. started his Once Upon a Time reading challenge. It was the first challenge I’d ever heard of, and I was excited to sign up and try out this new way of reading. I loved my reading during that first “OUaT,” and I repeated the experience for three more years. Now, after my recent extended hiatus from blogging, I again hear the call of Carl’s elegantly designed challenge.


So, once again, I’m going to choose “Quest the first,” which means that I will read five books from the 4 genres of this challenge: fantasy, folklore, fairy tales, or mythology.

I will also follow the four rules of Carl’s challenge:

Rule #1: Have fun.
Rule #2: HAVE FUN.
Rule #3: Don’t keep the fun to yourself, share it with us, please!
Rule #4: Do not be put off by the word “challenge”.

Here is my starting list for this challenge, and I will keep adding to it as I go .  And here, also, are links to my previous years’ wrap-up posts for this delightful reading challenge. If you are participating this year, I hope you enjoy this reading experience as much as I have and will! Happy reading!

My reading for OUAT-VII:

  1. The Changeling Sea, by Patricia McKillip
  2. Arabian Nights and Days, by Naguib Mahfouz
  3. The Sea Fairies, by L. Frank Baum

Links to my previous reads for this challenge:

Once Upon a Time – I
Once Upon a Time – II
Once Upon a Time – III
Once Upon a Time – IV  (I read four books for this challenge but didn’t do a wrap-up post which would have made it a lot easier to link to..!)

“Books may well be the only true magic.” ~Alice Hoffman


6 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time, VII

  1. Cath

    I hope you enjoy the challenge! Your first three books sound interesting, I keep meaning to read something by Patricia McKillip, in fact have a book by her on my tbr pile, The Bell at Sealey Head. Look forward to your reviews.


  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Cath. I like McKillip and have The Bell at Sealy Head on my TBR pile, too. I’ll be interested in what you think of her writing.

    Hi Kristen. I will definitely enjoy my reading for this challenge. I’ve been thinking about adding a book by DWJ to the list because I’ve never read anything by her…thanks for your inspiration!

    Thanks, Pat. I’m really looking forward to my own reading and also reading all the reviews from other people in the challenge. I love to see what books are chosen.


  3. cherylmahoney

    I love your history with this challenge! This is my third year…so I think we’ve exactly NOT overlapped each other… Your plans look great–and I love that you’re reading a non-Oz Baum book! The Sea Fairies is a lot of fun, though I think Sky Island is my favorite Trot and Cap’n Bill book.


  4. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Cheryl. I didn’t realize that Baum had written these non-Oz books, so I was delighted with the discovery and am looking forward to reading The Sea Fairies. I’ll add Sky Island to my TBR list, too. I just visited your blog and read your post about Kensington Gardens, and love both blog and post! Thanks for stopping by.



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