3 thoughts on “Reading Nook

  1. Nan

    Is it outside? Or an enclosed sunporch? It looks like a shuttered window behind the chairs, which is why I wondered. And where the plant is – is that a big glassed window or is it open? It is truly a lovely spot to read, though I think I’d be looking up a lot at the beauty all around. :<)


  2. Robin Post author

    Nan, it’s outside and completely open. The shuttered window is the front living room window that looks out onto the porch. It really is a lovely spot to sit and read, although you’re right…I spend as much time looking at the sky, the trees, the birds and the squirrels as I spend reading.


  3. LesNE

    It reminds me of our front porch, although yours looks much nicer! I just swept the leaves and dirt off ours today. 63 degrees!! Of course, we’re supposed to get snow this weekend…



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