Mary Stewart Week


My blogging friend, Anbolyn, is hosting a “Mary Stewart Reading Week” next week to celebrate Mary Stewart’s 97th birthday. From my recent post about her book, Thornyhold, you know that I have been a fan of Mary Stewart for many, many years, so I am happy to be participating in this birthday celebration of a wonderful writer.

Thornyhold was a new read for me, but the book I have chosen for this celebration will be a re-read. I read The Ivy Tree many years ago, 1972 to be exact! My son was just a baby, and on a winter trip to the library, I found her book, The Moon Spinners. I was captured immediately and read 6 of her books one right after the other.  I don’t remember much about the storylines after this many years, but I do remember what a pleasure it was to read them.

So I’m back to her books, and to Anbolyn’s celebration of this favorite author. And on September 17th, I’ll join the world in wishing Lady Stewart a very happy birthday!


3 thoughts on “Mary Stewart Week

  1. heavenali

    I have been seeing things about Mary Stewart the last week or two – and having never read any of her books been wondering if I have missed something. I will be watching out for Mary Stewart reviews this coming week – and she may become someone I need to read in the future.


  2. Robin Post author

    Heavenali, I think you’d like her work! I’m looking forward to reading all the reviews, too.

    Lisa, thanks for letting me know about Anbolyn’s blog. I’m looking forward to all the Mary Stewart reviews and information next week.



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