We had an unusual cold spell here in Oregon a few weeks ago. The pipe in our laundry room froze despite our best efforts to protect it. And we added space heaters to our bedrooms upstairs in this old house because it just got too cold at night. It lasted for most of a week, and reminded us of how much we appreciate the usually mild temperatures and weather we have here in the Northwest.

Our cold spell was nothing like the cold that has “frozen solid” the river Thames in England at least 40 times since the early 1100s. After reading a very nice review on Heavenali’s blog, I read The Frozen Thames, by Helen Humphreys. It consists of 40 short vignettes, historically accurate little stories from each year the river froze, all having something to do with that icy phenomenon. It was a fascinating look at the life of a great river over time. A very enjoyable read! Thanks for sharing it with us Heavenali!


4 thoughts on “Brrr!

  1. Les in NE

    We’re in Depoe Bay for a few days and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day! Sunshine and warm enough to be outside without a jacket (for a few minutes!). Beats the single digits we’ve had in NE!


  2. Robin Post author

    Kelly, I think you’d enjoy it. It’s a fast little well-written read!

    Les, we’ve had the cold and fog, but it’s been very nice here when the sun manages to burn off the fog. What a dry winter we’re having!

    Ana, it’s a lovely little book. I want to read more of her work now. I’ve had The Lost Garden on my shelf for a number of years. That will be next!



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