Miss Buncle’s Book


What a fun book! Miss Buncle’s Book, by D.E. Stevenson, was a delight from beginning to end. It’s been on my TBR list for a long time and I’m so glad I finally got to it. It made for a lovely reading weekend, and is highly recommended (by her granddaughter) as an antidote for stress and emotional exhaustion!

Or, as her granddaughter Wendy, who still lives in DE Stevenson’s home town of Moffat, puts it: the novels are ‘a soothing balm’ at times of stress and exhaustion.

Barbara Buncle has fallen on hard times financially, so she decides to try writing a novel. However, she can only write about what she knows, so she writes a book (using a pseudonym) about the little town she lives in. She has a keen eye and a talent for description as she writes about everyone in town. To her surprise, the book is published and becomes a best seller. It sells especially well in her hometown after neighbors realize the book is about them! Many are amused by it, but some are angry, and all want to know WHO wrote this novel?

It’s a delightfully humorous read, and I’m going to follow it up immediately with the sequel, Miss Buncle Married.

D.E. Stevenson

D.E. Stevenson

8 thoughts on “Miss Buncle’s Book

  1. Robin Post author

    Kelly, I’m really enjoying these Miss Buncle books! She makes me laugh out loud, and I appreciate Stevenson’s acute observations of what my Dad always called “the human zoo!”

    Nan, have you read any other books by her? I’m enjoying the rest of the Miss Buncle books and am looking forward to reading some of her other work, too.

    Thanks, Gillie! I’ve continued reading the series and am almost finished now with The Two Mrs. Abbotts because I didn’t want to leave Miss Buncle’s world yet!

    Thanks for the info, Kathy! I’m delighted that there’s a 4th book coming out. My 94 year old mom will be happy to hear that, too. She’s reading them now.


  2. Pamela Duarte

    I stumbled across Miss Buncle as a free e-book and loved it. I found myself laughing on the train, so I had to read it at home so as not to disturb my quiet car companions. I have to find the next ones.

    I also have a 94 year old mother who reads voraciously. It’s probably why she’s still so sharp mentally. .


  3. Robin Post author

    Pamela, D.E. Stevenson makes me laugh out loud, too, which I love! I’m glad to hear that your 94-year-old mother is also a voracious reader. I agree that their reading is what keeps them so sharp mentally. Thanks for stopping by and commenting my post!



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