Once Upon a Time VIII: The Joy of the Genre


Carl V’s Once Upon a Time reading challenges always end too soon! I enjoyed reading a number of books this time around, but didn’t post about each of them. For me, this time, my participation in this challenge was simply all about the joy of the genre. So here are the books I read, or re-read, and thoroughly enjoyed for Once Upon a Time VIII.  Thank you, Carl, for hosting this special annual celebration of the magical!

And some wise words from one of my favorites, Roald Dahl, as a fond farewell to this year’s Once Upon a Time…



3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time VIII: The Joy of the Genre

  1. deslily

    wow! well I read (a time ago) the Harry Potter books and read (eons ago) The Once and Future King and I have that EXACT copy of The HObbit!!!! lol you did super!


  2. deslily

    there’s no law saying we have to review everything lol… my reading this year is in a huge decline.. due to “health” issues and depression… but there is ALWAYS a book by my chair and a day doesn’t pass that at least a little reading gets done.!



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