A Bridge for Passing


How quickly, in one instant, years of happy life become only memories!

A Bridge for Passing, by Pearl S. Buck, was an interesting  end for my 2014 reading year. Buck is a favorite author of mine, and I read her books slowly, absorbing her words and wisdom, enjoying the beauty of her prose.

TheBigWaveI hadn’t heard of this book before, but when I saw the description of it, I knew it was my next read by her. One of my all time favorites of her books is The Big Wave, a story about life and death and what it means to be Japanese. I loved sharing it with my 6th grade students when I was teaching and we were studying the Pacific Rim countries. The discussions were so powerful. A Bridge for Passing is a memoir of the time when Buck was in Japan for the filming of The Big Wave. She had written the screenplay. During that time, she received word of the death of her husband, Richard Walsh. Her experiences in Japan at such a sad and difficult time provided solace and perspective, and became a “bridge” into her new life alone without her beloved husband. What an interesting experience to read this poignant book about grief and renewal, with its fascinating connection to another book I love!


4 thoughts on “A Bridge for Passing

  1. Les in NE

    This sounds like a lovely book, Robin. I’ve never heard of it, but will look to see if we have it at work. Gosh, I just love getting new book ideas from fellow bloggers!


  2. Robin Post author

    Les, I love getting book ideas from fellow bloggers, too! If you’re going to read A Bridge for Passing, I suggest reading The Big Wave first. That little book is such a treasure! The Japanese culture and attitudes toward life and death are explained so beautifully and simply in it. So having that story in mind, really adds an appreciation/understanding of her journey through grief and her ruminations about life and death, all while in Japan during that time of loss.



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