Early Morning Cocoon


I’ve always been an early riser, but one of the pleasures of retirement?… I’ve replaced that early morning get-ready-for-work rush with my quiet cocoon of beauty — filled with words and yarn. Knitting while listening to an audiobook. What an enjoyable way to start a day! This morning I started a new knitting project with this silk yarn (a gift for a beautiful friend) while listening to Barbara Kingsolver’s gorgeous writing in The Poisonwood Bible.

5 thoughts on “Early Morning Cocoon

  1. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Lynn! I will definitely take a photo when I finish, before I send it off to my friend.

    Les, I love Barbara Kingsolver’s writing, so wrapping myself up in this book is an incredible experience. I can see already why it would be one you would like to re-read.


  2. Robin Post author

    Kristen, I do love my knitting while listening! However, when I have to concentrate on a tricky pattern, or problem-solve a mistake, I have to turn off the audiobook! But most of the time, I can do both at the same time! Will you be taking a knitting class or learning from a friend? Good luck, and I hope you enjoy it a much as I do! (You’ve got some wonderful yarn shops in the area. Serial Knitters in Kirkland is very nice. 🙂



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