Today is my birthday, and this week is also marks the 8th anniversary of starting this reading blog. I’m celebrating becoming an official senior citizen (according to the Social Security office) quietly today because I’ve been fighting a mean cold all week. The day will definitely be filled with books, however!

And I celebrate my 8 years of blogging, quietly, too. I’ve been an off-and-on blogger for the last few years, disappearing for months at a time while I focus on life happenings. But I return and check in, and share what I’m reading more often now. And I so appreciate my friends in the blogging world (hugs to each of you!), and all of you who visit me and comment on my sporadic posts. Thank you so much for being part of my reading life!

10 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Kay

    Happy Birthday, Robin!! Wanted to tell you that I have rejoined the blogging world and am renewing friendships that I neglected when I stopped blogging and reading other blogs. Anyway, it’s good to say hello to you again. I’m guessing that you are retired now and living in your sweet little house in Oregon? Hope your cold get better soon. Take care and stop by and say hello if you get a chance.


  2. Marlo Quick

    Happy birthday! I may not comment often but I read your blog whenever you post. I, too, am a retired teacher and voracious reader so I look forward to your suggestions. I have been listening to Winnie the Pooh as I walk and thank you for the recommendation. Feel better and please keep reading and sharing.


  3. Nan

    I am so happy you are in the blogging world, and my world! I am always refreshed and calmed when I visit you. And Happy Birthday!!!! You’re still younger than I am. :<)))


  4. Les in NE

    I hope you had a lovely birthday, Robin. As Nan said, a visit to your blog is always so refreshing and peaceful. I look seeing all your pictures of Oregon and enjoy your book reviews. So glad you’re here! Congrats on your blogiversary, too. Here’s to many, many more years of great books and friendship.


  5. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Kay. I’m so glad to know that you are back blogging again! I always enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your reviews. I’ll head right over there and get caught up! And, yes, we are enjoying our retirement and our new old home in Oregon.

    Thanks for the greetings, raidergirl3! I do love the classic Pooh illustrations, too, and they are such a big part of growing up in my family!

    Thanks for your warm comments, Marlo Quick! I’m delighted to hear from you. That’s what I have loved about blogging–meeting new friends! We have a lot in common!

    Thanks, sweet Nan! I’m loving your Grandma posts. It’s joyful to stop by and read your fun stories (particularly loved the yoga with Hazel story recently!) and see how much your Grandbabies are growing.

    Thanks for your birthday/blogging greetings, Kelly! I’m enjoying reading your blogging posts, but particularly enjoy your Instagram photos and keeping up with cats and puppies and photography, and all the fun things that are keeping you busy these days!

    Thanks to you, too, Les, for your birthday/anniversary greetings! I love the Oregon connections that we have on top of our shared passion for books. One day we’ll have to meet at Powell’s or someplace on your way to or from PDX!

    Thanks, Kristen. I always enjoy reading your blog, and I’m loving our photo connection through Instagram! And thanks, too, for the get-well wishes. I’m feeling much better after a week of being under the weather.


  6. Gillie

    Happy late birthday, Robin, mine was two days before yours. Just digging out from quite a large snowstorm here in the Midwest, hope you are feeling much better!


  7. Robin Post author

    Happy birthday to you, too, Gillie! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the get well wishes. I’m feeling much better this week. I hope your snow has melted enough that it’s not too difficult to get around! We’ve certainly had an unusually mild winter here in Oregon!



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