Mishmash! Sounds like a casserole or something…but actually it just describes my reading since the first of the year. It’s been all over the place, not following any plan, just going where whim takes me. My reading has often been project-driven over the years, so letting go of plans and just wandering through my bookshelves is very relaxing and enjoyable! Here’s a thumbnail collage of my mishmash of reading since January 1st. Oh, and the photo above is of my vegetarian Paella.


3 thoughts on “Mishmash

  1. Kay

    Ah, the first Walt Longmire book, THE COLD DISH. I love that series and am behind reading it. Looks like you’ve had some fun in your reading. Reading on a whim is the best kind, I think. Your paella looks good too. What about a recipe? LOL


  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Pat. I listened to the audiobook version of Nimoy’s book. He narrated it himself and I particularly loved his many conversations between Leonard Nimoy and Mr. Spock!

    Kay, my husband and I watched the TV series, and I decided I need to read the books. As I read The Cold Dish, I was impressed with how well the TV version represented the book and the characters. I thought they ‘got it right’ when they made the series. Anyway, I’d like to continue reading the series! And yes, I’ll post the recipe for the Paella.



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