June Highlights: Family Reads


Half of my June was delightfully spent traveling. We enjoyed a lovely family get-together, a time to celebrate my inspirational reading Mom, who will be turning 96 in August. The family spent a week reminiscing, laughing, walking, visiting a museum and a special library, eating at as many different restaurants as we could, watching sports and fun mini-series on TV, and talking about books. I’m always interested in what others are reading, and I particularly love to hear what my family recommends. Here are a few of the books that were being read or that we discussed:

4 thoughts on “June Highlights: Family Reads

  1. Robin Post author

    Oh, Cathy. It would be awfully hard to lose your best book friends so close together. I’m very fortunate to still have my sweet reading Mom to share books. Miss my Dad and our book discussions, though.


  2. Bellezza

    I tried to leave a comment here several days ago, thanking you for the well wishes regarding my recent oral surgery, but WordPress was having none of it. Hopefully, this comment will take when I hit “Post Comment”.

    As for your family and book discussions…what a treasure! I loved loved loved The Boys in The Boat, and I have recommended it to almost every reader I know. Also, I just finished A Clash of Kings on the Songs of Fire and Ice series this week. It was a wonderful escape.

    Wishing you a very Happy Fourth! xo


  3. Robin Post author

    What a lovely comment to find this morning, Meredith! Thank you! We all loved The Boys in the Boat, too. It is a story that hits close to home as my brother was on the rowing crew that went to the 1968 Olympics. There were many familiar people, and the stories in the book that helped us all understand my brother’s rowing experience in much more depth. Wonderful book!



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