Omar Sharif

IMG_1647I was saddened to hear the news today of the passing of Omar Sharif. As with any of these losses, a bit of my past goes, too. Dr. Zhivago was one of those books and movies that stay with you forever. I loved reading the book, by Boris Pasternak, as a teenager. Such an epic tale and passionate story of a man and a country! And I loved even more the movie by David Lean…a stunningly beautiful film. I always felt they were one of the best book/movie/music combinations ever! And, oh my, that beautiful and passionate actor with the most expressive eyes, Omar Sharif!  He WAS Dr. Zhivago!  In remembrance, I think I’ll watch David Lean’s movie again, and also see if I can find my old, well-worn copy of the book.

Dr. Zhivago

2 thoughts on “Omar Sharif

  1. Nan

    I never read the book, but oh, how I love that movie. The combination of Sharif and Christie was one of the most perfect I’ve ever seen. And you’re right – those eyes! There’s no way I would ever have watched the remake. :<)


    1. Robin Post author

      Nan, I remember loving the book! And I think I read it before I saw the movie, if I remember correctly. Loved them both! We did watch the remake, and liked it okay, but I hardly remember anything about it, whereas I remember so much of the David Lean version!



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