Little Free Library

On our walk this morning across the campus of Pacific University, we found a new “Little Free Library” in the middle of campus. What a nice way for the University to encourage reading and sharing books … for the college students and for us townsfolk, too!

Little Free Library

3 thoughts on “Little Free Library

  1. Marlo Quick

    I am amazed at the connections I feel to your posts. From the love of Rosamund Pilcher to the new Little Free Library, not to mention the lifetime of teaching memories, I relate to your posts. Our Little Free Library was dedicated at the beginning of the month. Also, I do love Gene Stratton Porter, especially since she is from my “neck of the woods”. Happy reading!


  2. Robin Post author

    Nan, I was really excited when I found this one on our walk, and especially fun to see what books were inside. I love the idea!

    Marlo, thanks so much! I love those connections!



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