Summer Heat and Reading


We are in the middle of a rather miserable heat wave here in Oregon. Yesterday, the temperature rose to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in our town. Today will be “cooler”, perhaps only getting up to 102 degrees. That’s much too hot for outdoor activity, so I intend to stay indoors this afternoon, in a much cooler spot: my new reading/knitting corner.

Knitting project: taking out about six more rows of the project I’m working on after discovering that the second skein of yarn is actually NOT the same weight as the first!

Reading: Listening to the audiobook version of Jimmy Carter’s new book, A Full Life, Reflections at Ninety.

A Full Life


5 thoughts on “Summer Heat and Reading

  1. Nan

    amazing man, jimmy carter. such a good soul, and his mind is still great. my fil turned 92 today and he is much the same. what we all hope for.


  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, @directorb! It was a very nice, quiet afternoon.

    Nan, happy birthday to your fil at 92! I, too, admire Jimmy Carter, with his good soul and clear thinking. My Mom, at 96-this-month is much the same, too! All good voices that give us hope!


  3. Robin Post author

    Kelly, we had a hard time handling it, too! We have air conditioners in the bedrooms upstairs or we wouldn’t be able to stay here during that kind of heat! It’s really exhausting, too. Thankfully, it’s cooled off considerably now. This is an unusual year in the Pacific Northwest!



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