A Perfect Ending


It’s been a very cold snowy wintery weekend, so the whole family has enjoyed the warmth and quiet of home, everyone doing their own thing throughout the house. Hubby has been doing jigsaw puzzles on his iPad. Daughter has been knitting. Son and Grandboy worked first with Legos and are now creating something terrific in a Minecraft world. And I did something  that I haven’t done in ages! I spent the entire day reading a book, from start to finish! I honestly don’t remember the last time I allowed myself that pleasure, but it certainly should happen more often! So despite the cold, it has been the perfect end to a lovely holiday. Happy New Year, friends, and happy reading!

9 thoughts on “A Perfect Ending

  1. Robin Post author

    Kelly, Happy New Year to you, too! And happy reading this year! So fun to keep up with you via InstaGram!

    Nan, I read The Day of the Storm, by Rosamunde Pilcher. I started rereading her books in 2015 and only have 3 more to go. It was a nice way to start the new year! Happy New Year to you and your family, Nan.

    Nancy, this snow is so pretty, but the ice on the sidewalks and roads is treacherous! I’ll be glad when it melts and it’s a bit safer to resume our walks! Happy New Year to you, too!


  2. Kay

    Beautiful picture, but ice is not a good thing. We never had all that much snow when we lived in Portland, but a few times it came along. Having seen so little of it in our lives, we were fascinated, of course. The book you read is a Pilcher book that I haven’t experienced. One of the shorter ones? I want to try to read Coming Home this year at some point or rather reread it. Happy New Year, Robin!


  3. Robin Post author

    Happy New Year, Kay! Yes, The Day of the Storm was one of her later books and pretty short (unlike Coming Home!). In my rereading project, I have two books of her short stories left to read, and then Coming Home. I’m saving that one for last because I want a good long one to savor! Portland snow is quite unusual, and this much ice even more so! It should be melting off by tomorrow, hopefully. Schools are all closed today and everybody is hunkering down to wait for the melt.


  4. Kristen M.

    You got much more snow than we did. There was still a bit on the road this morning as we walked to the bus stop but no delay or cancellation. I’m glad too because Z had a good day back! Happy New Year, Robin! May 2016 bring you nothing but joy. 🙂


  5. Les in NE

    A belated Happy New Year to you, Robin! I suppose the snow and ice has been replaced by buckets of rain. My mom says it’s rained every day (either a little or a lot) since we left on New Year’s Day. I guess you aren’t in a drought anymore, are you? Hope it isn’t too soggy and that you get some dry weather soon!

    I plan to read Coming Home some time this year. It’s the only book of Pilcher’s that I haven’t read. Well, of her longer novels. I’ve not heard of The Day of the Storm, but I’m not terribly fond of her novellas. I read The End of Summer this past year and was disappointed.

    You’ve inspired me to step away from the computer and go read more from the book I started yesterday. I read late last night and if I don’t get back on Facebook or Bloglovin, I may just finish a book in 24 hours!


  6. Robin Post author

    Happy New Year and joyous reading to you, too, Kristen!

    Les, Happy New Year to you, too! We have had sooo much rain this winter! Soggy, soggy Oregon, is all I can say. Happy reading!



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