A Gift of Reading

My sweet life-long reading buddy, always-reading Mom, age 96, didn’t want any gifts for Christmas. Really, what she didn’t want was to receive things that would take up any space in her small apartment. But since she loves to read, and loves her Kindle, I didn’t have any problem coming up with a very appropriate-for-her gift! I gave her a small library of Kindle books to keep her busy for the confining winter months when she can’t walk to her library (next door) or even her post office (also next door). So I sent her a Kindle book each day from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve. I tried to pick exactly the right book each time, and I think I got pretty close. Here are the books I sent her for winter reading.

7 thoughts on “A Gift of Reading

  1. Marlo Quick

    I love reading your posts and can relate to many of your experiences since I am a retired teacher, grandmother of one and lover of reading. However, this post really sealed it. We are planning my mother’s 90th birthday celebration and she does not want any gifts because her apartment is so small. Our kindles are linked so I am always on the lookout for books I know she will love! Not only does she get to read, we have ongoing discussions of the titles we have shared. Enjoy your winter reading!


  2. Kay

    Oh, Robin, this is so lovely. I’ve always enjoyed hearing about your mother and it just makes my heart glad to realize that she is still reading – and on an e-reader no less. Thanks for sharing this. It gave me such joy to read it. Hugs.


  3. Robin Post author

    Marlo, we are definitely kindred spirits, as are our mothers! I love those book discussions with our moms. Wonderful friends and role models! My best wishes to your mother on her 90th!

    Thank you, Kay. Hugs back to you, too.

    Thanks, Kelly. She’s immersed in her reading now. Finished one of the books already and it’s keeping her busy during a real cold spell!

    Thanks, JoAnn! She did enjoy the surprise of finding out what the new book would be each day, and I enjoyed the choosing process. I love hearing her thoughts about the current book she is reading, so it’s an ongoing pleasure for both of us!


  4. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Les! It has turned out to be the perfect gift for my Mom. She has read over half of them already, loves having them right there ready to go, and we have had many phone conversations about each book!



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